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You wake up in the morning,

And for no reason your heart is on a song,

Then my friend, mark this "a new beginning",

And celebrate all along.

If you enjoy what you do,

And you can keep on going, no matter what,

You have no idea, how blessed you are,

Celebrate! You have followed your heart!

If you pass by a mirror and suddenly stopped to gaze,

Totally amazed in self admiration,

"I am so awesome! When did this happen!"

Oh! My friend! Another occasion for celebration!

If someone came up to you,

And said, "whats changed? You look great!"

Say, " yes thank you! I can feel it too!"

And pat yourself and celebrate!

All your life you've trudged along,

Wondering, "am I right or am I wrong ",

But suddenly now, decisions are not so hard to make,

You've understood the language -HEART!


You now realise that your life seems effortless,

There is plenty of time for yourself and others,

Everything you do seems perfection incarnate,

You are on a roll, mate!!

 Jump up!! Celebrate!

You no longer operate out of fear,

Fear now replaced by adventure,

You no more find the necessity to prove,

Celebrate your merging with your divine nature!

You are sitting outside looking at the skies,

Feeling one with the blabbering magpies,

Your humming being echoed by the mocking jay,

This feeling of oneness..silently celebrate.

If you look back and search for the event,

When all this change and reform happened,

You will find, my friend, that it's a futile attempt,

Look closely and celebrate the magic in the present moment.

The journey to our true nature, the nature of the creator,

Is ever unfolding in the little moments of each day,

If you are desirous of a blissful future,

Then celebrate your now and thats the only way!!

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