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The Cosmic Traveller

I‘ve journeyed through time far and wide, but no where  have I seen,  A home as wondrous as her, Mother Earth so blue and  green.  Lo Behold! She stands out, amongst the cosmic elite,   But none of them seem even close, to her beauty infinite.  As volcanic ash I descended, upon her bosom green,  As rock, as soil, as minerals, as water I did breathe.  As a blade of grass I sprang forth, a weed I then became,  A thorny shrub, a creeper frail, a tree chopped down in  vain.  As a lotus in the muck I bloomed, a daffodil in the plains, 

A fragrant jasmine on a summer day, a lavender in the 

vale.  A grain of rice, a herb, a spice, a berry so ripe and sweet,  An almond, fig, a cedar nut, a red and juicy beet.  Then I decided I’ll upgrade, as amoeba and algae,  An earthworm in the mud and rain, as an ant I saw the  day.  A tadpole little in the pond, a salmon I swam upstream,  A slithering snake, so full of grace, a dolphin of wisdom  keen.  An eagle wise, a sparrow sprite, a lion of kingly gait,  An elephant so magnificent, a squirrel in the glade. 

Hundred thousand years had passed, and now I yearned  to be,  Back on earth as God’s own son, as Man, as Woman, as  Human being.  I struggled for survival as a tribal, a beggar in the dump,  To experience structure and discipline, a soldier on the  front.  In the hunger for power and prominence, I ruled as king  and dictator,  As cult leader and religious manipulator, I created  followers of fear.  These umpteen journeys had made me weary, of what  use are worldly pleasures I thought,  Who am I? What am I here for? In these questions I saw  myself caught. 

Muddled in beliefs and bottled emotions, every relation  was my reflection,  And through these comrades of my sojourns past, began  balancing my karmic equations.  Today as I contemplate, reviewing my past,  I realised ‘I was never born-I never died’, from micro to  macro-‘I am so vast’.  The creator, My Father, The Intelligence Divine, bestowed  me with all he had,  A hologram of ‘All That Is’, in unconditional Love I was  clad.  ‘Go forth my child’, He gently nudged me, ‘go down to  Earth and play all you might’,  ‘As you learn and grow above all fears, remember that  you are my messenger of Love and Light’.

‘Reclaim your power and wisdom inner, go, help your  fellowmen to rise above fears,  Love Mother Earth, bring back her grace and beauty,  plant more trees, your foremost duty’.  ‘Remind Man, an animal he too has been,  would he stand  meek, were his child killed for meat?  Be compassionate not a cruel barbarian,  the Earth is  abundant, GO Vegetarian’!!  ‘Be not caught in yesterday and tomorrow,  in religions, race and boundaries of nations,  Live in the NOW, your true nature is Love, your only  purpose is Co-Creation’.  ‘There’s no bad or good, no must or should,  all is but an experience, on the road to Buddha hood,  Realise this truth oh! Child of mine,  you are second to none, none greater than Thine’.

‘Think only thoughts that feed your dream,  that serve the purpose of your journey,  Speak only words that soothe the heart,  and kindle the spirit with love and harmony’.  ‘Oh! Divine Child mine, Go! BE Happy! Express your  creativity in all piety,  Make Earth your canvas, splash colours of joy peace and  oneness, Become the Creator of your Reality’.

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