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Beneath The Purple Roof

There came a day,

When I had to send my girl away, It was my life's darkest moment, Life was in torment, What do I do, Heavens help me choose, My baby will be alone, In a place away from home, What will she do, If she is afraid, No one beside her, To hold her close & pray, Where will she go if she is sad, Whom will she speak to if she feels bad, What if she is hungry and wont speak, Who will look into her eyes and cajole her to eat, What if she is in pain or feeling unwell, Who will sit up beside her, And nurse her back, Till she is well, Several sleepless nights had passed, A deep pain piercing my heart, Not a thread in sight & I was groping for a rope, Praying silently for a ray of hope, Then an angel in the guise of a friend, Wiped my tears, put my misery to end, God exists, he said, here is proof, He took me to the Lady Beneath the Purple Roof. HOPETOWN, the sacred space, Where my little girl was led to, by Grace, Her second home where she would flower, Understand her worth & inner power, Six years have passed since that fateful day, My girl has gone through life in her own way, But every time she was low & down, Beneath the purple roof she found her balm, Through bounteous awards, rewards & accolades, The highs & lows of wonderful school days, The struggles & victories in the game of life, My little girl, became one of Hopetown's pride! Time just flies, just a few months from now, With a heavy heart she will bid goodbye to Hopetown, Empowered, moulded & chiseled to embark on her journey, Its time for her to contribute to society, Today as I look back and think of the past, I only feel gratitude ebbing from my heart, Wondering what would have I done if it was not for you, Thank you, each one of you Beneath the Purple Roof.

(This is the story of a mother and her girl beneath the purple roof.

Hopetown is one of the prestigious boarding schools for girls in beautiful Dehradun, where the office is the building with a purple roof)

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