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The Lotus Pink

Deep under, in murky waters,

From tangled roots, rose a prayer,

To sacred Earth, Water, Wind, Air, and Fire,

For life yet again, my soul aspired,

Several forms, by now I had been,

In the plant kingdom of fairies and pixies,

As slender creepers and fragile ferns,

But now a flower, to be I yearned,

A being soft and vulnerable,

Yet full of strength ,So beautiful,

An expression of awakening and serenity,

A Lotus pink I chose to be,

Surging up through slush and roots,

I sprouted out, a tiny shoot,

A burning desire for union,

With the radiant rays of the smiling Sun,

Finally the day arrived,

Cutting through barriers, that challenge and tire,

Through times of light and sometimes gloom,

From shoot to bud, now ready to bloom,

As the darkness melted in to a brand new morning,

An impatience welling, an unstoppable longing,

A restlessness for a glimpse of the maiden rays,

Of the giver of Life, the embodiment of Grace,

It was here, my moment of bliss,

The magnificent Ra’s caressing gentle kiss,

Coaxing open my layers with such preciousness,

Ecstasy flooding my being, drowning in nothingness,

My overlapping petals yielding in sweet abandon,

To the glowing wave of Loving Compassion,

The essence of love in my core, being diffused,

A sweet scent wafting out as tribute,

In this state of Oneness it dawned upon me,

That the reason I was born was for all to see,

That in just being fragrant and still,

Was my life purpose being fulfilled.

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