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Conversation with a Housefly

One early July morn as i watched the dawn,

The skies were a mighty sight,

Rain laden clouds , all ready to pour,

In shades of grey black & white,

The mountains stood tall like huge green walls,

Guardians of ages bygone,

Sentinels of strength,of forbearance,

Giants who had seen it all,

The lush forests that lined the horizon,

Where every shade of green was frozen,

Into timeless beauties what we call trees,

Mother natures air factories,

Amidst this beautiful sight sat colourful cosy homes,

In it people abuzz with morning chores,

Some aware & some oblivious to natures perennial course,

As i sat watching this beautiful scene, sipping my morning tea,

A little guy, a tiny fly came & descended upon my knee,

"Hi Mr. fly" i said to him, " how do you do today?

Do tell me, whats the gain from your aimless flutter all day?"

"Wonderful day to you my lady" he said, 

"I wish you a joyous day" 

"There's nothing to gain, lest my flutter be in vain,

This is what i do best, that's how i am made",

Saying thus he took off to sit on another spot,

Totally oblivious to the effects**

his aimless fluttering had caused,

Is that all? I wondered, is it so simple? 

Suddenly seemed pointless, mans worries & wrinkles,

Then i sat and pondered, looking around at natures wonder,

Birds flowers insects the bees,

The mountains rivers & gentle streams,

The air the sky the animals free,

The abundance of natures bounty,

Little does a droplet of water know when it collects in a cloud,

That its meant to do great things,

That when it pours down as rain with many of its kind,

Will flow a mighty river down a mountain,

All creation that ever happened is all there for a reason,

But the simple truth for us to see is,

All we need to do is JUST BE,

No need to compare & live in despair,

Trying to become what was not meant to be,

My heart is full of glee from the lesson the fly taught me -

"I Am What I Am And That's All I Need To Be"


**(houseflies accelerate the recycling process by decomposing organic waste)

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