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A New Day

A new day; A new ray,  time to let go of yesterday,  Say hello to sunshine,  look forward to happytimes;  & rejoice in the promise  of a brand new today.:) May each breath erase past pain,  that ties down the soul in vain;

with every beat of the heart may you ur joy reclaim . May every blink of ur eyes only reveal ur desires,  & take u to the dreams that u - to have, aspire;  may every sound you hear be a bearer of good vibrations,  & pave ur path for divine intervention. May every word u utter, be incantations of blessings,  that fill ur life with positive tidings;  may ur skin only sense the feelings,  of trust, of care, of a companion loving. May ur fingers be blessed with the Midas touch,  turning to gold every opportunity u behold;  may ur palms spread love and warmth  to every soul that's needy & cold. May ur legs be pillars of strength,  that carry u to places of purpose & prominence;  may ur feet imprint footsteps of inspiration,  that awaken every being to their true magnificence.

Thus may your whole being be an expression of what you truly are , 

a glorious manifestation of HIM; 

and may your journey be one of amazement, 

of wonder and peace within.

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