Activities that have given me immense joy and added meaning to my work in this field are:

  • Founder of the iHEAL technique to help little children release fears & phobias through play therapy

  • Creator of the workshop – CONCEIVE CREATE CONQUER - Especially for children to unleash their potential in all spheres of life and bring forth their hidden qualities, highly appreciated by both parents and children

  • Creator of a hugely successful workshop NARI-SHAKTI especially for women to enable them to live life with confidence and renewed zeal

  • Workshops on teaching techniques on MIND MASTERY to help children and adults use their minds in a better way

  • One on One therapy and COACHING sessions for people of all ages, all over the country

  • ZEN SPACE dedicated to wellness practices at a corporate organisation open to over 3000 employees who can participate in programs, designed to enhance their mental, physical and emotional health

  • Several programs to enhance intra- organisational skills, such as

    • Personal mastery

    • The Enneagram for team collaboration

    • Conflict Management

    • Conscious Communication

    • Mindfulness and Visualisation

    • Self help tools to live an empowered life

    • Workshops for Conscious Living like Conscious Breathing

    • Inner Child Healing among many others


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